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Get complete access to all mock test for IIT JEE Mains exams. WAY helps you to track your goal towards your Aim.

About WAY:

WAY is a well-established autonomous institution helping IIT-JEE & NEET aspirants to prepare effectively for the JEE Mains, Advanced and NEET competitive examinations. WAY is one of the most premier organisations which conducts pre-entrance examination tests for admission to the leading engineering colleges of the country.

Candidates are always trying to figure out the best possible ways to perform well in the Joint Entrance Examination. Proper guidance from experts can be a motivating factor in your performance in JEE Mains. JEE Main is conducted by NTA to take admission in IIT & NIT. A total of 75 questions – 25 each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have to be answered and adequate score is required in order to qualify and appear for the JEE Advanced examination.

Four Pillars of Success

We, at WAY, offer you high quality assessments backed up by targeted and unbiased feedback which will help you prepare SMARTER.

To assess competence of candidates for admissions, WAY conducts:

  • Customised coaching classes focused on core conceptual understanding
  •  Skill based learning and appraisals
  • Self-improvisation feedback model


Periodic Testing

WAY assessment will conduct periodic test for JEE & NEET aspirant student from class 8th and above can apply for WAY assessment.

Covers 100% Syllabus

WAY assessment is based on total 100% syllabus of all essential subjects. Kindly refer respective schedule of exam.

Expert Paper Setting

In WAY assessment the questions are set by expert faculties & student are exposed to the same level of question sets they will find in the main entrance exam.

Real Testing Real Result

WAY provides a 100% authentic test result to make students equipped for the fast moving comitative era.

How it works

It is well-known fact that knowledge, hard word and dedication are the pillars on which success of cracking any examination. But many don’t know about the fourth pillar – and that is effective and timely feedback to all the preparation. Effective and to-the-point feedback is the most critical element which can ensure success in the high stake competitive exams.

We at WAY offers you high quality assessments backed up by targeted and unbiased  feedback which will help you prepare SMARTER.

To assess competence of candidates for admissions, WAY conducts:

Assessment on core conceptual understating & skills

Self-improvisation feedback model.

For JEE & NEET aspirants subject wise unit wise 90 marks assessment is  design as per students choice for every month &final mock test will be on complete syllabus at designated exam center.  

Vision & Mission:

Vision – To provide authentic assessment to the students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

Mission – To improve equity and quality in education by regulating research based reliable, efficient, and fair international level assessments.


  • To conduct efficient, transparent and standardised tests in order to detect the fault of candidates for admission
  • To undertake research on educational, professional and testing systems to identify gaps and bridging them.

Core Values:

  1. WAY creates a system to promote teaching – learning efficacy and on-point assessments.
  2. WAY strongly believes in quality, efficiency, effectiveness, equity and security of assessment

And at WAY, these core values are put in practice by engaging with all the stakeholders i.e., students, their parents and the experts on our panel


  • To create a comprehensive question bank for all subjects using updated, modern techniques and mediums.
  • To establish R&D cultures with the help of our pool of experts in different aspects of testing

Team WAY:

Team WAY is star studded with a team of educationists, experts, researchers and assessment developers who believe that scientifically designed and properly delivered assessments can improve teaching learning processes in Indian classrooms

These assessments will also ensure equity by seeing to it that merit and not the means prevail in selection. The organization gives major emphasis to research in evaluation and uses that research to update its assessment practices.

You and Team WAY:

Together we can achieve our biggest dreams. So, call us on 12345 00000 to know more about how WAY can help you to realise your true potential and achieve your ambitions.

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B 108, Basement floor, Sector-27, Noida-201306

+91 8788201246